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Brand Development

One of the most vital components of building your business is creating the quintessential brand elements to build and solidify your business or product. Brand development is multifaceted depending upon your brand strategy and resulting equity. The brainstorming and discovery phases of Wego Creative’s Website Design and Marketing Kickoff works to identify your audience both online and offline and incorporate elements that appeal both visually and contextually. We then begin the brand development process, giving clients multiple mockups and drafts in order to begin the phasing in of your companies brand identity. We have 3 levels of branding services. Contact us if you would like to chat about building your brand.

What Defines Your Brand? 

To fully define your brand, you will need to be able to answer a few questions first:

  • What is special about your products and how does it benefit a potential customer?
  • What is the overall mission of your business?
  • Is there already a current feeling about your business from the public?
  • Ideally, how do you want your company/product to be perceived?

By knowing your customer base, you can then answer these questions and begin to incorporate them into your marketing channels and display apparatus.

What Elements are Most Important to Developing a Company’s Brand?

  • Logo – The most obvious and important is your company logo or logos. A logo should send a clear message to the prospective audience of who and what your business is all about. The logo should also be easily read and able to be used in various places to apply brand strategy. Whether that be on social media, letterhead, company mailings, a mural inside your office, website, product labels or elsewhere, once the logo is final, upload it anywhere and everywhere possible.
  • Attributes – What are the messages you want out about your products or company? Write these down and ensure every single employee knows what they are and how and when to convey them to your customers or potential clients.
  • Integration – Integrate and saturate the market with your branding elements and messages into every single part of your business. As stated above, it should online on both your website and social media channels…all of them! Brand integration into your voicemail, receipts, employee greeting and anywhere else representatives of your business come into contact with the public.
  • Tagline – Every company needs a tagline to further solidify the message. Your company tagline should be concise as to not bore the reader. It should be easy to remember or profound enough to stay inside the mind of the customer. The tagline should also convert, in a meaningful way, the essence of business.
  • Fulfillment – Don’t promise things you don’t or can’t fulfill. Customers won’t return if they expect something more than what you give them. In other words and barring a monopoly, your competitors will reap the rewards of not fulfilling promises.
  • Consistency – Once the official logo, company messages and overall look and feel of your brand or business are decided upon, stick with it.

Brand Development is often times overlooked or settled upon to quickly without the proper forethought and knowledge of what all goes into developing a voice and promotional materials for your business. And that’s okay because that is why Wego Creative’s branding services are here. We want to bridge your ideas and vision into a working and usable platform to let potential customers and fans know exactly what and who you are as a company. If you would like more information on our brand development services, please feel free to give us a call at (417) 299-9859 or use the contact form here.

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